\ Adj. providing nourishment, especially to a high degree; nourishing; healthful.
Our Story
When our Co-Founder and his wife were well into their pregnancy, they realized there were no preservative-free and natural oils for expectant or new mothers to rely on. Identifying this as the pressing need of the hour, they launched Poshtik Pregnancy – a brand rooted in the practice of manufacturing pre and post pregnancy care products with 100% Natural & Edible Ingredients.
Our Promise
Artificial or lab made ingredients are rampantly used in the Healthcare and Food Industry for majorly two reasons; a longer shelf life and a better aesthetic (smell & colour). Our idea is to help supplement the dietary needs of urban youth during their most vulnerable period – pregnancy. All our products consist of simple and proven ingredients but without any added artificial inputs.
We source only high-quality ingredients for our products.
No hidden ingredients.
None of our products include anything that sounds like chemistry homework, such as diglyceride or BHT.
Our products are time-tested and not animal-tested.
Our products are safe for everyone, including pregnant women.
We manufacture in small batches to ensure high quality.
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